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Corporate law is usually the starting point for further legal clarifications in tax, finance and inheritance law and is the focus of our legal advice. We are your partner in mastering the steadily increasing regulatory requirements in matters of due diligence, FATCA and AIA reporting obligations.

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Our network

Our extensive network of tax specialists allows us to develop solutions to complex, transnational tax issues. As a „finance boutique“, we have a team of top lawyers in-house as direct contacts.

SERATIO Services

Tax analysis and planning

Corporate law matters

Advice on inheritance law

Departure and relocation planning

Asset protection using trusts and foundations

Accounting, tax returns

Tax matters relating to blockchain and tokens

Tax analysis and planning

Preparation of fiscal assessments and tax returns for individuals and asset structures, especially for trusts and foundations, taking into account national and international tax law. Neutral advice in matters of FATCA, AIA, LDF, assistance with reclaiming foreign withholding tax. Communication with international tax specialists.

Corporate law matters

The asset structures set up in accordance with corporate law in Lichtenstein allow individuals to benefit themselves, their relatives or non-profit persons and institutions. The legal basis is the Persons and Companies Act, which came into force in 1928.

Advice on inheritance law

The basis for reputable advice is legal norms that deal with the transfer of assets from one individual to another or several others or institutions, that define dispositions about property or saleable rights, as well as rules to formulate succession planning, taking into account your personal financial situation over generations.

Departure and relocation planning

Clarification of employment and residence law for employers and employees, social law aspects in international employment contracts, condition of residence.
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A company’s brain and spirit are its most valuable asset for long-term and sustained development in all wealth-related matters. To enable fast action, we see it as our duty to reach out to new inspirations so that we can share chances and opportunities with you, always right at the forefront. Requesting and clarifying facts for this purpose is part of our DNA.